03 October, 2011

New collection

Hello my dear friends!

I am back again with a few new creations. It's been a long time since my last post, but I am here to compensate it. :)
I had been working on my new collection, making also some orders and looking for fairs to sell my work. As you can see on my FOLKSY shop I put some of my new creations there.
But the best part of all was taking pictures of my new collection. I am so luck to have friends with big hearts, because I could borrow Clara who is beautiful, lovely and very photogenic as you can see on the pictures. I also had my oldest daughter Gabriela posing for me, which is something inedit, considering that she is 13 y-o and is always busy when a need a favor. :)
I hope you like it.
Brown and green hairband with emblemish.

Pink corduroy fabric bow

Lilac with rose hairclip barrete size 5cm.

Cream and green headband with a pearl.

Lilac flower headband with a pearl.

Blue and green flower headband.

Me and clara were playing hide and seek.

Gabriela wearing blue flowery bow.

22 July, 2011


Tonight is officialy the beginning of my holidays.
My sister and her family are coming to visit us in England and I am soooo looking forward to hug them all.
But before I have to sort out all the stuff I have been leaving to the last minute, as I love working under pressure! I can't help myself on that.
This month I made my daughter's prom dress and it was a huge challenge. She didn't want to buy one, she was affraid of finding someone with the same dress (I do too!)  and also all the ones we saw were too glittery or to long or too short or colourful for her very unique taste, so we made an sketch based on her favorite dresses' bits to make the special one. We bought a pale pink satin, wich was more expensive than a dress, but who cares? She looks stunning!...and was for a good cause!

My gourgeous creation .

I also managed to make a few summer themed hair accessories.

Ladybird headband.

Sunflower snap clip. 50mm

Daisy snap clip. 50mm ...CUTE!!

Have a wonderful holidays!!


19 May, 2011

I'm here!!

Hello dear friends,

Again I disappeared for a while. It was for a very good cause, I have been looking after my house, my family and myself, I actually quite enjoy being a housewife, I'm being honest!! Because of all the social life, spring/summer fairs, orders, etc... I was feeling tired, not just physically but mentally as well but I got bitten by that bug again, the one who caries that virus, the workaholic one. I'm feeling great at the moment despite of my house's mess, the frozen food we have been eating and the huuuge pile of laundry waiting for me.
Well I'm back to business now so let’s talk to about it, shall we? :D
First of all yesterday I received the confirmation that my products had arrived safely and beautifully in Rio - Brazil and are now on sale!! I am so relieved because it took so long to arrive, over a month! Anyway, it is there now and selling very well! If you are in Rio and want to buy some of my creations, visit the BLOG where you can find the address. Not all my designs are there, but there is a cute selection of them for you.
I don't have a second of all. just to wish you all a wonderful week - end!
Here is the first purple rose from my garden just for you!


30 April, 2011

Harbourside Market

Hello! Tomorrow I'll be at the NEW Harbourside Market.
 From 11:00 to 16:00.
Visit Facebook page for more information.
See you There!!


15 April, 2011

This week's creations

Hi dear friends,

Yesterday I was very inspired! I made those cute, pretty and lovely hairclip holders.
Those are mostly made with acrylic felt, the effect is the same and it seems to be lighter, good to hang  everywhere and has the same streght as the usual ones.
Hope you like it!!


11 April, 2011

Selling abroad

Hi dear friends!

It's been a while since my last post. There is a lot going on at the moment and also I had a terrible tendinites from my right shoulder to my arm, which made me stop with all my activities for about 10 days, but now I am 100% better, also better than before because I could reach all the goals that I had set to March.

I am very happy to tell you that I sent some of my hairclips to Brazil and hopefully it will be on sale soon in Rio, I will let you know as soon as possible so that you are the first queuing at the shop. LOL

I am also going to be in two events in Bristol this month, the first is next Saturday at the Spring Fair in Colston Hall. It will run on Sunday as well but I wont be attending. The other one is going to be at the Harbourside the 30/04 and 01/05.

Hope to see you there.


 Baby clips

And the cuttest Dog EVER!! Designed by my 10 y-o daughter. She is a genius!!


23 February, 2011

Back to jewellery

Hello everybody,

Last week was one of my friends' birthday and I wanted to give her something special made by me of course. She is very feminine,stylish and classic so I made her a  necklace and matching earings of sterling silver.
It is a simple look set and because I used a real pearl it is very delicate and classic, It goes with everything.
I broke my head trying to find a perfect packaging for it then I remembered that once me and her went to a scrap shop to buy materials to make christmas party decorations and I bought some pieces of leather. The leather is an excelent material to work with and I have all the necessary tools to work with, cutters, hole punchers, needles and luckily my sewing machine wich is strong enough to sew the leather.
Have a look at the final pieces that I designed.

  Folding jewellery purse created by me.

Sterling silver necklace with a Akoya Pearl pendant and matching earings.

This is how the purse looks when unfolded.
Really simple and clever solution, don't you think?
Hope you like it too.


11 February, 2011

Special order

Hello everybody,

This week I received a special order which made me remember when I made one of the first hair accessories of my life.
One month before moving to England, in December 2006 my oldest brother got married (finally!) and for the occasion, my two girls and my niece were the bridesmaids. Me and my sister spent a whole afternoon wrapping ONLY 3 headbands which had all the top covered with tiny fabric flowers, it was a difficult task but the result was beautiful. I also made the three dresses...How I miss it!...
I still have the joy of making beautiful things for weddings like this ones that I made this week. I hope you all like it.

The 3 headband I made this week.

 Headband wrapped in black grosgrain ribbon, rose flowers made of 100% wool felt.

My gorgeous daughters 4 years ago, wearing the headbands I made.

Waiting to get in the church, they are wearing a whole outfit made by mummy.
Have a beautiful day!

07 February, 2011

Elastic bands

My new creations are this elastic bands, made with felt balls and ribbons. They are quite unusual and unique. Last time I made some for the Colston Hall fair and I sold all of them to the same person. :)


28 January, 2011

Little new hairclips


I need to confess that I have been very lazy these days. :P but,  Who won't be with this winter weather?...anyway, I made a few little things this week and here it is, soon will be on folksy to be purchased. If you don't want to wait, send me a message and we can arrange something.

I think this hairclips are soooo pretty! ...Have a look!

Snap hairclip size 3.5 mm, made with blended felt.
This little one has a fresh water pearl in the middle. Tres chic!

Those are 50mm snap hairclips and i think they are beeeautiful!!
Hope you like it too.


06 January, 2011

We moved!

Yooyssi Petite is now being sold at Round Table Studio in Woolies Market, still upstairs.
Come and visit us, you will find great works to buy at accessible prices.

Lovely new hairclips, bags, keyrings and scarves specially made for you. Come and have a look!

31 December, 2010

To all!

I am very happy for having such a great year!
2010  was wonderful and I wish 2011 to be as great as 2010 or even better!
Thank you all for being so supportive, for new friends and for all the beautiful comments about my work.
Cheers to 2011!

Peace, love and health to you all.


I found this beautiful poem that I want to share with you.

New Year Wishes

I wish you Health...
So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

I wish you the Love of friends and family...
And Peace within your heart.

I wish you the Beauty of nature...
That you may enjoy the work of God.

I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities...
For those things that really matter in life.

I wish you Generosity so you may share...
All good things that come to you.

I wish you Happiness and Joy...
And Blessings for the New Year.

I wish you the best of everything...
That you so well deserve.

Author Unknown

21 December, 2010

Fingerprint pendant.

I made this beautiful pendant to a friend, was my second and I think it is really beautiful.
I love working with silver, its uses is infinite also all the process is beautiful. I just love!!!
This is my friend's daughter fingerprint and I went to her house to take it, the first attempt wasn't good, I could have used it but won't be as perfect as I would loke it to be. So, the second and final try was very successful,
I also made the leather bag .
100% made by me! I'm very proud!

Heart fingerprint pendant made in fine silver.
by Mireya Gonzalez

Picture taken by Mireya Gonzalez © 2010.

20 December, 2010

Gift fair at Colston Hall

Great fair and great feedbacks from the public.
Very, very well organised,  great atmosphere and wonderful exhibitors.
Keep an eye open because Colston Hall will be helding more wonderful fairs like this one. Visit the link beside to see Made in Bristol Blog and spread the word!

If you want to get in touch with Tracey from Tibbiji Prints, send me a message, please.
Here is some pictures.