03 October, 2011

New collection

Hello my dear friends!

I am back again with a few new creations. It's been a long time since my last post, but I am here to compensate it. :)
I had been working on my new collection, making also some orders and looking for fairs to sell my work. As you can see on my FOLKSY shop I put some of my new creations there.
But the best part of all was taking pictures of my new collection. I am so luck to have friends with big hearts, because I could borrow Clara who is beautiful, lovely and very photogenic as you can see on the pictures. I also had my oldest daughter Gabriela posing for me, which is something inedit, considering that she is 13 y-o and is always busy when a need a favor. :)
I hope you like it.
Brown and green hairband with emblemish.

Pink corduroy fabric bow

Lilac with rose hairclip barrete size 5cm.

Cream and green headband with a pearl.

Lilac flower headband with a pearl.

Blue and green flower headband.

Me and clara were playing hide and seek.

Gabriela wearing blue flowery bow.

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Lulu's Sweet Secrets said...

Oi Mi!!! Sua nova coleção está linda! Adorei as fotos com a Clara!!
muitos beijinhossss